• Agroecosystems + soil ecology
  • Managing soil biological function to enhance resource-use efficiency and long-term agroecosystem performance
  • Effects of alternative water management strategies on soil aggregate dynamics, C stabilization and biological activity
  • Understanding the impact of agricultural management on soil-based ecosystem services (e.g., crop/livestock production, erosion control, water regulation, C sequestration) and biodiversity
  • Interactions between soil biology, structure, and soil organic matter dynamics and the implications for nutrient and water dynamics in agroecosystems
  • Linkages between agroecosystem biodiversity and function (e.g., cover cropping, intercropping, diversified fallows)

Here are links to some of the projects we are working on:

Agroforestry for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services
Suelos Andinos – Diversification of agriculture from plots to farmscapes
Cover crop and forage mixtures to improve soil quality, productivity, and profitability in water-limited regions
Smallholder Soil Health Assessment
Exploring the potential of dryland cover crops in SW Colorado and SE Utah
Leveraging crop genotype x soil rhizosphere community interactions in a context of improved soil health (coming soon)

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